• Are you about to start a new journey?
  • Do you have dreams or fantasies you want to fulfill?
  • Are you scared of your dreams?
  • Is your current project/job transforming into a nightmare?
  • Is your motivation weaker than before?
  • Do you feel blue, moody,  stressed, anxious or irritable?

In my work as psychoanalytical counsellor, I support individuals in their self-development process. I am particularly careful to work with those that embarked on a new journey, those in transition, those adapting to their new city and those that feel anxious, stressed, under pressure or melancholic.

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About me

I work as a Psychololgical Counsellor (in ENGLISH, SPANISH and ITALIAN), in my private practice in Berlin (Mitte) and via Skype.

I am Psychoanalyst-in-Training (diploma candidate) at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich and a Ph.D. Candidate at the Department for Psychosocial and Psychoanalytical Studies at the University of Essex. I am the initiator of “The School of Dreams” and the “Berliner Psychoanalytical Club”.

I was born in Milan in 1978 where I also graduated in Literature and Philosophy with Magna Cum Laude. I consolidated my studies in Budapest, Manchester (M.A.) and Cambridge (M.Phil), Essex (Ph.D/Candidate) and Zurich (Dipl.-Psycoanalyst/Candidate).

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